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Allen Sandoval

Hi, I'm Allen Sandoval. Welcome to my profile!

Allen Sandoval has been the owner of and an instructor at Sandoval Freestyle Karate since 1996, but that's not where his experience begins or ends. Since his birth in 1978, Allen has:* Attained two black belts, one in Tae Kwon Do (5th degree) and another in American Kenpo (3rd degree)* Earned a NASKA World and National Title (1997) for #1 Overall American Forms competitor of the year * Won several weapons and sparring events* Played the character Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat Live Tour (1994 - 2001)* Held a lucrative career in Real Estate and Sales

Allen Sandoval's Background

Allen Sandoval's Experience

Founder & Instructor at Sandoval Freestyle Karate

February 1996 - Present | Gilbert & Chandler, AZ

Allen Sandoval's Education

Gilbert High School

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